Nebraska Glazing Projects

Livin’ the good life is easy in Nebraska.  With our glazed structures the sun shines in and the day is full of life.  We’ve completed over a dozen Crystal Structures in the cornhusker state.  Projects with further information are linked in blue. (Click here to return to list of states)

  • Pizza Hut, Alhsworth
  • Valentino’s Restaurant, Columbus
  • Pizza Hut, Crete
  • Blessed Sacrament, Grand Island
  • Ken’s Pizza, Kearny
  • Amigos, Lincoln
  • Cornhusker Bank, Lincoln
  • Divot’s Event Center, Norfolk
    • General Contractor: CMC Construction
  • Texaco Mini Mart, Norfolk
  • Ken’s Pizza, Norfolk
  • Ken’s Pizza, North Platte
  • NP Dodge Company, Omaha
  • Hindu Temple, Omaha
  • Metropolitan Community Church, Omaha
  • Santee Communications, Santee
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