Imagining the future of medicine with Sanford Health

Before it became the health giant it is today, Sanford Health was merely the Sioux Falls Hospital.  In 1894, the hospital became the main provider of health in the Dakotas.   St. Lukes Hospital was founded in 1908 in Fargo.  These two hospitals grew in the region over the next 80 years and became the Sioux Valley Health System.

In 2007, Denny Sanford made a donation of $400 million to the Health System. It was renamed Sanford Health and now has a geographical reach of over  200,000 square miles in California, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.  Composed of hospitals, clinics and research centers (to name a few), Sanford health employs over 27,000 health care workers.

Sanford Imagenetics integrates genetics with internal medicine.   It is the first national health program to embed genomic medicine with primary care for adults.  The new facility in Sioux Falls features a glass enclosed courtyard between two buildings. The double hipped skylight above the courtyard measures 62′ wide by 114′ long.  Work on installation of the massive skylight can be seen in the photos below.  In addition to the skylight, Crystal Structures also provided vestibules and canopies.

Architect: Koch & Hazard
General Contractor: Henry Carlson Company

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