The Rockie Mountain state of Colorado is home to Pike’s Peak and 10 Crystal Structures. ¬†Named after the Colorado River and home of the Pike’s Peak gold rush, the glazed structures built here are worth taking a look at. Projects with further information are linked in blue. (Click here to return to list of states)


  • Mayfair High School, Lakewood
  • Boldt Medical Office Bldg, Colorado Springs
  • St. Francis Medical Office Bldg, Colorado Springs
  • Colorado Tourist Building, Burlington
  • Wendy’s, Colorado Springs
  • LA Bite Restaurant, Denver
  • Subway, Denver
  • Colorado State University, Ft Collins
  • Pizza Hut, Frisco
  • Holiday Inn, Glenwood
  • Veteran’s Administration Hospital, Grand Junction
    (Federal Project)
  • Dairy Queen, Lakewood
  • Pueblo County Justice Center, Pueblo