Solarium at Divots in Norfolk

Livin’ the good life is easy in Nebraska.  With our glazed structures the sun shines in and the day is full of life.  We’ve completed over a dozen Crystal Structures in the cornhusker state.  Projects with further information are linked in blue. (Click here to return to list of states)

  • Wilcox-Hildreth High School, Wilcox
  • Pizza Hut, Alhsworth
  • Valentino’s Restaurant, Columbus
  • Pizza Hut, Crete
  • Blessed Sacrament, Grand Island
  • Ken’s Pizza, Kearny
  • Amigos, Lincoln
  • Cornhusker Bank, Lincoln
  • Divot’s Event Center, Norfolk
    • General Contractor: CMC Construction
  • Texaco Mini Mart, Norfolk
  • Ken’s Pizza, Norfolk
  • Ken’s Pizza, North Platte
  • NP Dodge Company, Omaha
  • Hindu Temple, Omaha
  • Metropolitan Community Church, Omaha
  • Santee Communications, Santee