Green building is not just a buzzword, it’s influencing construction decisions globally.  In fact, global green building is doubling every 3 years.  In the most recent survey of organizations that participate in green building, the World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report from Dodge Data & Analytics and United Technologies Corp reveals a forecast of green projects increasing up to 60%  by 2018.

In the United States, expectations are that green building will continue to increase as well.  Currently more than 30% of the projects underway are working towards certification in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Of the respondents, over half expect to be building green at the 60% level by 2018.

Why is green building beneficial?

Green buildings offer significant operational cost savings over traditional buildings.  Survey respondents reported an average of 14% savings over five years for new buildings.  Retrofit buildings also experience a similar cost savings.

Green buildings also have a better asset value than traditional buildings.  Generally a “green” building will be valued at 7% more than a traditional building.

Then there is the positive corporate image businesses experience when they are seen as being global responsible citizens by building with the environment in mind.

Sure green building is the “right thing” to do (31% responded), but the largest factor driving environmentally conscious structures is customer demand (52% responded).  The lower operating costs are merely an added benefit, not cited as the primary reason.

Growth Sectors

The construction sectors that are driving growth in green building include:

  • Schools, hospitals and other institutions (46%)
  • Retrofits of existing buildings (43%)
  • Offices, hotels and retail spaces (41%)

As environmental regulations change to reflect a growing concern for natural resources, green building will continue on an upward trend.  And as more communities mandate regulations beyond government, lawmakers in California and Massachusetts are already working on legislation, the demand for green building will continue to increase.

The top 10 states for LEED certification in buildings: Massachusetts, Colorado, Illinois, New York, California, Nevada, Maryland, Virginia, Washington & Texas.

At Crystal Structures, we are a strong advocate for green building.  Our products can help your project qualify for LEED certification. Contact us for additional information.