Nuclear energy is still very new in terms of how energy is produced and used.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has only been around since 1975.  

Prior to the NRC, protecting the public’s health and safety-related to nuclear energy was the responsibility of the Atomic Energy Commission.  The NRC oversees the energy-producing reactors as well as the licensing of radioactive materials, radionuclide safety, and managing the storage, security, recycling, and disposal of spent fuel.

In 2010 the NRC was moved to a new facility just outside of Washington DC. The complex, known as White Flint One, Two, and Three, houses the majority of the almost 4000 employees of the NRC.

The North lobby of White Flint One is the primary entrance for all visitors and most staff.  Upon entering the building, light streams from above through the 20′ ridgelite manufactured by Crystal Structures.

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Architect: Peck, Peck & Associates
General Contractor: GW Management Services LLC