Tacoma Extension Train Wash

Crystal Structures of Wichita, KS, in partnership with Lacey Glass of Lacey, WA, recently completed a clearly unique train car washing facility at the height of a challenging weather season.

The full glass wash bay was part of a larger $217 million Tacoma Link Extension project scheduled for completion in late 2022. The extension doubled the original length of Tacoma Link and includes six new platform stations designed to take travelers to popular destinations throughout the community.

How large is a train wash bay?

Improvements to the train’s operations and maintenance facilities were also part of the project scope, including the new eye-catching all-glass train wash. Surrounded by machinery and other industrial equipment, the beautiful beacon measures 22′ x 81′ and features insulated tempered glass and our 750-series, thermally enhanced framing system.

When it came time to install the structure, Crystal Structures leaned on Lacey Glass to help get the project done on budget and on time, utilizing Lacey’s local crew who was already familiar with the rules and regulations that come with working in the train yard at Sound Transit, Central Puget Sound’s Regional Transit Authority.

“It was a challenging install because we weren’t allowed to use a boom lift over the trains, said Phil Zeutenhort, Lacey Glass President. “We had to get creative and the weather wasn’t great.”

Zuetenhort has worked with a lot of manufacturers over his lengthy career and said he enjoyed working with Crystal Structures and would welcome the opportunity to partner again.

“We were able to navigate through any fabrication issues that came up early on in the project,” he said. “We ended up with a good relationship when the project was done and that says a lot.”

We suspect Tacoma Link may be the first business in the world to be the proud owner of a glass train wash!

Architect: Waterleaf Architecture